The CHORUS domotic system enables smart home management, thanks to the automation of all the main functions (climate control, lighting, movement of roller shutters/curtains, etc.), to encourage a more conscious use of energy and therefore notable savings of electricity, gas and water. CHORUS lets you choose the most suitable solution for every specific need:: in fact, all the devices can be used together to obtain the highest energy class, or you can install just those you consider essential, perhaps adding others later while maintaining the compatibility with the entire system.To considerably reduce energy consumption (and therefore costs) in the home for instance, you can install the CHORUS thermostats that let you set different temperatures depending on how the home is used at various times of the day, or to heat/cool just certain rooms, while the energy meters and touchscreen command and supervision panels ensure that electricity consumption is kept under control. Or, thanks to the light sensitive sensors and presence detectors installed throughout the home,, you can set lights to switch on/off automatically when people pass by or when the amount of natural light from outside is insufficient. Or magnetic contacts can be fitted on the windows, intervening on heating/cooling and avoiding any useless waste.