From 01.01.2005, the historic company SCHUPA GmbH, which had became part of the GEWISS Group in May 1999, has changed its name into GEWISS DEUTSCHLAND GMBH.

GEWISS DEUTSCHLAND GMBH develops, produces and sells electrical equipment and components for the domestic, service sector and industrial sectors.

With its over 60 years of experience and with its headquarters in Merenberg and Ottfingen, GEWISS DEUTSCHLAND is a high level manufacturer of low-voltage equipment, circuit breakers, cable trays and lighting systems.

With over 15,000 items, GEWISS DEUTSCHLAND offers a full range of products from electrical installations to the private sector, the industrial and service sectors.

The main product ranges are:

• recessed fixtures, dimmers and electrical panels with SCHUPA brand;

• cable ducts, cable tray, screw fittings, pipes and tubes for installation protection with NOWAPLAST brand;

• projectors, lamps, connectors and plastic containers with GEWISS brand.

GEWISS DEUTSCHLAND GMBH is also certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


At the headquarter of Meremberg, near Limburg, are located the Administration, Sales and Communication-Marketing Departments, together with a modern convention center and an exhibition area of over 200 m2, which allows the visitors to see the product ranges that GEWISS produces for the Integrated Electrical System.

In Ottfingen near Olpe, there are the Purchasing and Research and Development Departments for recessed fixtures, together with the production of tripping circuit breakers and electronic components., known worldwide for their high quality and installed every year in millions of pieces.

Industriestrasse, 2
35799 MERENBERG - Germany
Tel: +49 (0) 6471 5010
Fax: +49 (0) 6471 5412