Right from the start, GEWISS has always been founded on “development as a constant feature of management” - a principle that has identified every action and choice, with the awareness that change and innovation are the only key to success.

Over the years this philosophy has shaped a company model based above all on continual investment in Research & Development. Thanks to its focus on innovation, the company has successfully tackled many challenges and today it can boast five catalogue divisions, with 20,000 original products and 500 associated patents.

Innovation is the only way forward for future challenges too, because it creates the right conditions for the growth and development of the company's business and of the entire manufacturing chain it operates in. But, above all, because innovation is a part of GEWISS' history and will be a part of its future too.


GEWISS produces an integrated electrical system with over 20,000 products for domotics, energy and lighting, to meet all the needs of the residential, industrial and commercial sectors. 


Domotic systems offer cutting-edge solutions for the management and smart control of homes and buildings. In particular, the CHORUS international domotic system improves everyday life, combining design with safety, comfort, energy savings and communication.


Technologically advanced protection, connection and distribution systems for energy and services are the heart of the GEWISS product range, and have paved the way for electrical systems in Italy. 


GEWISS offers indoor and outdoor solutions for industrial contexts, buildings in the commercial sector, sports facilities, street lighting and emergency lighting. 


GEWISS was founded in the 1970s, and was the very first to make use of technopolymer; a revolutionary application for the entire sector, already distinguishing the company as a strong innovator 40 years ago.

Over the years, GEWISS' focus on innovation has been rewarded by a staggering increase in the number of products in its catalogue and by the high quality standards it guarantees. From 2000 to today, there has been a 300% increase in the contents of the catalogue, and 400 patents have been registered. The Research & Development Division, with over 180 employees and more than 20 lab technicians, conceives and produces every product with the aim of always maintaining the maximum quality.

This daily mission has also been acknowledged by IMQ (the Italian Institute for the Quality Mark), which certifies the compliance of company processes and products with the national Standards, and has awarded the GEWISS laboratories an SMT certificate (Supervised Manufacturer Testing).


The 1970s

The starting point for our adventure was the innovation of applying technopolymers to electrical systems: a revolutionary application that immediately gave us a leading edge in the electrotechnical industry. Over this decade, we inaugurated the plant in Cenate Sopra (Bergamo, Italy) and we become a joint-stock company.

The 1980s

With the market launch of the domestic range, a splash of colour was given to power points for the first time, turning technical devices into home furnishing accessories. A brilliant concept that led us to further develop our range as a global solution for electrical systems in the residential, tertiary and industrial sectors.

The 1990s

The inauguration of the technological and production site in Cenate Sotto (Bergamo, Italy) allowed a considerable increase in our production capacity and sped up the process of internationalisation. With the opening of new branches and the acquisition of leading European companies in the sector, the GEWISS Group was established.

The new millennium

In theearly 2000 we inaugurated the new Logistics/Technological Site in Calcinate (Bergamo, Italy) to provide coverage throughout central Europe. The product range offer developed into an Integrated Electrical System range with the introduction of the international domotics system Chorus.

The 2010s

The evolution of our catalogue was now oriented towards the development of sustainable solutions for street, urban and industrial lighting. Simultaneously, we went on with the consolidation of the domotic offer developing technologies for automated home management.


With the dual role as an Official Sponsor of Expo 2015 and as a Main Partner of the Italian Pavilion we have launched ourselves onto a new project that will give visibility to our brand on an international stage. A new and important showcase that confirms our role as the leading Italian presence in the electrical industry.


Today, GEWISS is an international group with approximately 1,600 employees, operating in 80 countries across the globe. It has 7 production sites (4 in Italy, 1 in Germany, 1 in Portugal and 1 in France), 10 trading/service companies (Germany, France, the UK, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Romania, Chile, the United Arab Emirates and China), and a central logistics hub in Italy (Calcinate, Bergamo).

GEWISS focuses in particular on the new, extended Europe, the Mediterranean, Latin America and the Far East. The company goal is to further strengthen its position in the Italian and current markets, while also expanding into the emerging countries. The number of products in its catalogue is proof of the company's tireless attention to innovation, and its will to meet the most varying requirements.


Human capital is a fundamental element for GEWISS. Our company culture (in other words the values, attitudes and behaviour of our people) is the one single factor that makes us stand out from the crowd. Those who embrace the GEWISS philosophy and values receive real, solid chances for professional growth, strictly linked to the tangible results obtained.

The training of new graduates and diploma-holders focuses on continuous learning and the development of multidisciplinary skills, via career paths based on job rotation within the various company departments, both in Italy and abroad.

The gradual insertion of young people with special potential, who want to Grow & Stand Out, is undoubtedly an essential condition for sustaining long-term company projects. Development of human resources is therefore paramount: it's one of the foremost elements of success in a highly competitive market that asks for innovation, flexibility, determination and responsibility, personal initiative and team spirit.

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GEWISS gathers and organises all the technical product-related skills, strategically positioning itself between the market and the production techniques and technologies. It interprets the strategies, maintaining an innovation-based approach and a constantly original interpretation of the technical solutions. 

For 40 years, the company has been designing and manufacturing its products with the most advanced technologies, guaranteeing high production standards in all its branches; the GEWISS name is, in fact, a byword for quality, reliability and safety worldwide.  All its production plants around the world are integrated with each other, and the Italian head office controls and manages all company processes and production technologies in a centralised manner. This means that identical quality levels are guaranteed in all the manufacturing countries.

All this thanks to GEWISS' focus on innovation, combined with a development capacity made possible by the planning of notable economic investments. 


The use of clear Governance rules is an instrument for Gewiss to pursue efficiency, transparency, correctness, loyalty, integrity and credibility, as well as efficacy of the controls. These conduct guidelines must inspire the choices and the actions of all people acting on behalf and in the interest of Gewiss S.p.A and of the Group Companies.

Moreover, Gewiss S.p.A has adopted an “Organization management and control Model” pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231 of June 08th 2001 about the administrative liability of companies.

The infringement of any Governance rules shall be reported to the address

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From 3rd November 1988 to 29th July 2011, the shares of Gewiss S.p.A. were quoted on the Milan Stock Exchange. This section contains the documents made available to the public during the last 5 years of the quotation period.

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