Press Releases

  • GEWISS, innovation since 1970


    Development as a constant feature of management is the philosophy behind the choices made by GEWISS since it was founded, enabling it to become a leader in the electrotechnical industry.

  • The Group


    Over the years GEWISS has established itself as a leading market player in the international electrotechnical industry, with offices, subsidiaries and production sites in more than 80 nations.

  • Innovative solutions


    Innovation has always been a driving force for GEWISS. This means it develops new solutions that can improve the quality of life.

  • Market services


    GEWISS assists professionals in their work and business, thanks to IT tools, training courses, technical customer-services and communication events that promote a culture of a highly-developed system.

  • Ethics and environment


    GEWISS's actions respect human capital, the natural and social environment. The ethical dimension of the company is focussed on identifying virtuous conduct that creates a competitive edge and is a hallmark of its success.